How to apply for Equitable Excellence scholarship in 2023

The Equitable Excellence scholarship was founded to render financial assistance to high school students who already planned to continue their academic pursuit at a two or four year college In United States by fall 2023.

How to apply for Equitable Excellence scholarship in 2023
How to apply for Equitable Excellence scholarship in 2023

Equitable Excellence Scholarship is a scholarship scheme designed to assist students who have shown prowess in academics, athletics and/or arts.

Equitable Excellence Scholarship can award up to $10,000 to a student.

The Equitable Excellence Scholarship scheme can only be renewed for four years.

This scholarship scheme is one of the examples of how private organizations are providing financial assistance to low income students who want to attend college.

With the present economic situation this type of scholarship is needed more than before.

This scholarship program is administered by Scholarship America, which is the nation’s biggest designer and manager of scholarship and other education support programs for corporations, Foundation, Associations, and individuals.

 Equitable excellence Scholarship does not discriminate in terms, condition or privilege of participation as regard to Race , color, religion, gender, national origin , age, disability or sexual orientation.

An individual eligibility for the scholarship program is solely determined by the sponsor. The America Scholarship evaluation team is responsible for reviewing eligible applications . In compliance with federal law guiding such Scholarships.

Who can Benefits from Equitable Excellence scholarship scheme 

Unlike other scholarship schemes, whose primary criteria is Academic Excellence, Equitable Excellence scholarship schemes extend their own criteria to other spheres of life other than academics.

The scholarship is made for students who have shown excellence in Academics, sports or athletics and craft for those in skilled trade.

How to Apply for Equitable Excellence scholarship scheme.

The process is quite hectic but not as hectic as you take it to be, if you are interested in applying for the Equitable Excellence scholarship scheme visit the official site of the National Association For College Admission Counseling (NACAC).

For you to complete your application, you will need to fill your details correctly during the online application.

You have to write and submit not less than 1000 words essays discussing why you are interested in college counseling, what motivates you to pursue a career in college counseling and also how you can use your education to expand the field.

You will be required to provide two recommendation letters from professionals already in the field of education or college counseling.

The Deadline for 2023 Equitable Excellence scholarship application is March 31 2024.

Documents/things needed during the Equitable Excellence scholarship

  • Two recommendation letters from a professional in education or college counseling.
  • Not less than 1000 words essay in a topic that will be provided for you by the scholarship committee.
  • A complete transcript of grades. 
  • The transcript must show student name , school name, grade and credit for each course and term in which each course was taken.
  • Financial needs are also required during the online application.

Equitable Excellence scholarship Award

Equitable Excellence scholarship foundation has been authorized to distribute new awards that is up to $750,000.  100 renewable awards of $5,000 each and up to 100 one-time payment of $2,500 each will be granted.

These awards are meant for undergraduate study only, also Enrollment at an accredited higher learning institution outside the United States may be considered on a case by case basis.

Payment of Scholarships to the recipients

  • The payment of scholarship awards to recipients is done by the scholarship America on behalf of the Equitable Excellence foundation.
  • The payment is usually done in August every year.

Applicant Eligibility for Equitable Excellence scholarship

Applicants must be United States citizens or legally living in one of the 50 U.S states, District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico.

Applicants must currently be in highschool seniors who plan to get admitted full-time in an accredited two year or four year college or University in the United States by fall 2023.

Applicants must demonstrate ambition to be a reckon force for good in school, community or work activity.

Applicants must be willing to grant q release to publicize their identities and vital information about their achievement alongside photographs for the scheme promotion and information.

Selection of Recipients by Equitable Excellence scholarship scheme

Equitable Excellence scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of : 

  • Applicants Academic Excellence
  • Demonstration of leadership and participation in school and community activities by the Applicant.
  • Applicants work experience
  • Unusual personal or family circumstances 
  • A written easy 
  • Financial needs of the applicants.

Last Application Easy Topic of Equitable Excellence scholarship

The easy topic given to applicants during the last Application is as follows.

  • “The Equitable Excellence Scholarship is designed to inspire and empower individuals to be a Force for Good in their communities while investing in their future success. “
  • It is required that the prospective recipients share how they are demonstrating courage and they plan to display strength and/or sharing knowledge with others in pursuit of achieving their dreams and making a great impact in their local community and beyond.
  • The applicants are urged to be specific in their easy writing.

Application Link of Equitable Excellence scholarship.


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