Free Internships for International Students

Are you interested in getting a Fully Funded international internship? In this article we are going to show you some of the Top Fully Funded internships in 2023 for international or foreign students.  But before we dive into it, I would like us to look at some good points regarding those internships and what an internship is all about.

Anyone from any part of the world is eligible to apply for the internships. You don’t need an IELTS  Test for these internships.

Free Internships for International Students
Free Internships for International Students

What is an internship?

In any field of study you choose to go for, you need real life experience to get some knowledge in your chosen career field. In the labor Market, potential employers choose candidates who have ample knowledge of the work that they are applying for.  Whether you got the job experience from actual work, volunteer work or even interning at a company or academic institution all are the same.

An internship is a program an organization offer with the aim of training and providing practical work experience to students and newly graduated Students. Internship programs began a long time ago, however it has drastically been fine-tuned over the years. 

In the past , internships were practiced by laborers who would admit young individuals in order to teach them their arts or trade for a stipulated amount of time. Some of the young individuals would agree either to pay for their training or work for the laborers for an agreed length of time. 

During that time the primary purpose of the internship or rather apprenticeship is to obtain new skills or to improve an already acquired skill to be able to get future work.

Advantages of internship Programs

If you are still a student or recent graduate, it be better to look for an internship program to attach yourself so as to gain some experience in your chosen career. Below are some of the advantages of internship Programs.

  1. With internship Programs you can gain a competitive edge on the labor Market.
  2. Internship programs will help you to know the specific areas that you are good at by discovering your weaknesses and strengths.
  3. Internship program will give you real-life working experience.
  4. You can build friendships with professionals in your field of study during your internship program.
  5. You stand a chance of being employed by the company at the end of your internship program.

About the Fully Funded internship program for international students.

Any of the listed Fully Funded internship will take care of all the expenses involved which may include; Airfare Tickets.  The internship opportunities are for Applicants who are still studying or recent graduates.  

Who can apply for the Fully funded internships

Basically the internship is for everyone, though matter your  geographical location.  These internship opportunities are for.

  1. Bachelor’s
  2. Masters 
  3. Ph.D Students.

Note: If you are a fresh graduate or you are an old graduate looking for an internship program, you are also eligible to apply.

List of Best Fully Funded Internships in 2023 

Below is the carefully selected list of Fully Funded internships in 2023 for international students/Foreign Students.

1#. Asian Development Bank internship program (ADB)

ADB internship program is  for international students who are seeking to get work experience in the financial sector. The total duration of ADB Fully Funded internship program is 8 weeks. No IELTS/TOEFL Requirements.  This internship program is only available for Both Masters and Phd Applicants. Undergraduate or Bachelor’s degrees are not eligible.

2#. World Bank Internship

The World Bank also offers Fully Funded internship programs with the World Bank Funds. The program comprises both summer  and winter internships.  International Students are also eligible to apply for the internship program. Successful applicants will stand a chance of receiving $3000 stipend and also Airfare Tickets. The internship is open to Bachelors, masters and Ph.D holders or Students as the case maybe.

3#. UNICEF 2023 Internship Program

UNICEF  internship program is another Popular  Fully Funded internship for international students. The best thing about this internship program is that students or recent graduates can access it in their Country of Residence.  Bachelor’s, Masters, and Ph.D holders are all eligible to apply. The internship program will cover Airfare Tickets, Accommodation, Visa fees and meals.  

4#. United Nations Development 2023 Internship program

This is also a Popular Fully Funded internship program, the UNDP Internship without IELTS for International Students.  The duration for the United Nations Development internship is usually up to six months. The internship program is only available for applicants who are enrolled undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in any academic field. The UNDP Internship is a paid internship program.

5#. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  Internship program

UNHCR internship program is designed for international students who wish to complete their work experience internship in Switzerland. The duration of the internship is usually up to 6 months.  Undergraduate, masters and Ph.D holders are eligible to apply.  Note that Both IELTS and TOEFL is not required.

6#. FAO Internship

The FAO is a subunit of the United Nations. This internship program is available for international students. Undergraduate and Graduate students are all eligible to apply for the FAO internship program.  Note that  this program doesn’t require you to give an IELTS Test.  The internship program is only available in countries like Rome and Italy.  Successful applicants will be placed on a stipend of $700, with free accommodation and food. 

7# World Health Organisation  2023 Internship program


The World Health Organisation is currently accepting applicants for their internship program. The program is open to undergraduate, graduate and Phd Applicants. Students from different and diverse fields of study are all eligible to apply for the program.  The duration of this internship program is usually 6 to 24 weeks.

8# IMF 2023 Summer Internship

IMF is accepting applications for the 2023 internship program. It is a paid and Fully Funded internship in 2023 for international students.  The IMF operates to understand the United Nations. The internship opportunities are open to Undergraduates, Graduates, Ph.D Students and also LLM and J.D students. Successful applicants will travel to Washington D.C., USA.  Every year up to 50 Students from different countries join the IMF internship program.


In this article we are able to outlist the  Top Fully Funded internships in 2023. Those programs we enlisted are the most Popular Fully Funded internship program you can apply for. You can apply for this program from anywhere and anytime as no deadline date is stipulated.  We are happy to have assisted you with this information and we appreciate you for visiting our blog. You can as well check our homepage to  know more about Scholarships, internships and jobs.


Do I need IELTS to apply for an Internship program?.

We will say yes and No. It all depends on the Fully funded internship program you want to apply for. However some require IELTS especially if you are coming from a non English speaking Country or you are not a Native English Speaker.  If IELTS is required, it will always be included in the requirements criteria.

Will I get employed after my internship program?

It’s possible to get employed by an organization that offers you an internship opportunity. However you have to prove to them that you are a fast learner and you are capable of handling the position you wish to be employed at.

Is a Fully Funded internship program Application free of charge?

Yes. All of the above listed Fully Funded internships in 2023 application are free of charge. You don’t have to pay a cent for an application.  All the applications are done online.

Will I be paid a stipend during my internship program?

Yes, some of the internship programs are paid. You will be placed on a monthly stipend. However before applying for any of the above listed Fully Funded internship in 2023 ensure to make your own research.

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