HBKU Hamad Bin Khalifa Scholarship 2024

We are pleased to let you know that applications are now open for the Hamad Bin Khalifa Scholarship 2023 in Qatar.  HBKU is another Fully Funded Scholarship for international students. Qatar has become one of the most popular tourist spots for many people, this is because of the recently concluded FIFA world cup, the Qatar Airways job and the availability of some Scholarship opportunities for international students.

HBKU is an acronym for Hamad Bin Khalifa University. The university is  providing Fully Funded PhD, Masters and Undergraduate Degree Scholarships. Hamad Bin Khalifa University is a top rated Public  university situated in Doha the capital of Qatar. 

HBKU Hamad Bin Khalifa Scholarship 2023
HBKU Hamad Bin Khalifa Scholarship 2023

Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Doha

Hamad Bin Khalifa University, (Arabic name: جامعة حمد بن خليفة) is a full fledged public university that is situated within the Education City in Doha, Qatar. The Institution is a graduate research focus institution that assists in transforming the academic sector of Qatar and beyond while still maintaining its global impact.

HBKU is a recognized member of Qatar Foundation for Education for  Science, Humanity, Education and community Development. Hamad Bin Khalifa University was established in 2010 and had its first graduating students in 2014.

The Institution was named after the former Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thank.  The Institution campus is also located in Doha, Qatar’s capital.

Good reason to study at Hamad Bin Khalifa University 

1#.  Doha is the best in the Middle East.

Qatar has a very beautiful and stunning deserts landscape and many dazzling beaches across the East.  Qatar’s capital, Doha is a well developed city, with several skyscrapers and stunning mills located alongside architectural landscape. 

2#. Economic and Social stability.

Currently, Qatar is among the world’s richest countries blessed with crude oil as Natural deposit.  Qatar’s GDP is extremely high per capita. Which is a backup to their social stability.  Doha also has a reputation of being clean and also a nice place to study, live and work.

3#. Proper education system.

Government supports both public and private schools in Qatar. Those schools receive huge funding from the Qatari Government.  With this huge investment from the government, those schools have repositioned academic standards in the country in order to attract foreign students in order to create a “knowledge-based” research think-tank economy.

4#. Morden Education Facilities.

Hamad Bin Khalifa University is equipped with the best Campus Facilities. Education City in Qatar has well structured buildings, fountains and palm trees, as well as great research equipment such as Qatar National Library, which offers Students access to over one Million books, important Archive documents and periodicals.   

5#. Lower lecturer-student Ratio

Hamad Bin Khalifa University practices a lower lecturer-Student ratio which is very beneficial to students.  With about Five Students to one Lecturer practice by Georgetown University in Qatar. Majority of the Lecturers in Doha institute have PhDs. 

HBKU Hamad Bin Khalifa Scholarship

As we said earlier, Hamad Bin Khalifa university has opened its door for the application of the Fully funded undergraduate, Masters, PhD Degree Scholarships. The scholarship is open for both International Students and Qatar Nationals.  The university offers all study courses and majors for Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs.  The courses that the university offers include Islamic Store, Engineering, Social sciences, Public policy and law, Health science and several other courses.

You don’t need to prove the IELTS Test if you have completed your previous study or degree from an English Language institution. See the complet application processing for 

Hamad Bin Khalifa University  Scholarship 2024 in Qatar.

Rounded Details of  HBKU Hamad Bin Khalifa Scholarship 2024

Here are brief details of the Hamad Bin Khalifa university Fully Funded Scholarships.

Country: Qatar

Institution: Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Available course level: PhD, Masters, Bachelors

Financial coverage: Fully Funded Scholarships

Deadline: 1st February 2024 (for international applicants)  15th March 2024 (For Qatar National)   

Financial Benefits of Hamad Bin Khalifa university Scholarship

Successful Candidates will be eligible to receive the following financial benefits once they receive the admission offer.


  1. QAR 5000 Stipend/ Month (BS)
  2. QAR 5000 Stipend/ Month (MS)
  3. QAR 7500 Stipend/ Month (PhD)
  4. Accommodation
  5. Return Ticket/Year
  6. Tuition Fee Covered
  7. Family Accommodation is Provided to Married Students.

Courses offered by Hamad Bin Khalifa university.

The following field of study is available under the school program. You are only Eligible to  to choose any of the following courses.

College of Islamic Studies

  1. Master of Arts in Applied Islamic Ethics
  2. Master of Arts in Islam and Global Affairs
  3. Master of Arts in Islamic Studies
  4. Master of Science in Islamic Art Architecture, and Urbanism
  5. Master of Science in Islamic Finance
  6. Ph.D. in Islamic Finance and Economy

College of Humanities & Social Sciences.

  1. Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication
  2. Master of Arts in Audiovisual Translation
  3. Master of Arts in Digital Humanities and Societies
  4. Master of Arts in Translation Studies
  5. Master of Arts in Women, Society, and Development Ph.D. in Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Science & Engineering

  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  2. Master of Data Analytics in Health Management
  3. Master of Information Systems in Health Management
  4. Master of Science in Cybersecurity
  5. Master of Science in Data Science 
  6. Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  7. Master of Science in Sustainable Energy
  8. Master of Science in Sport and Entertainment Management
  9. Master of Science in Sustainable Environment
  10. Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering
  11. Ph.D. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM)
  12.  Ph.D. in Sustainable Energy
  13.  Ph.D. in Sustainable Environment

College of Law

  1. LLM in International Economic and Business Law
  2. LLM in International Law and Foreign Affairs
  3. Doctor of Juridical Science
  4.  Doctor

College of Health & Life Sciences

  1. Master of Science in Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  2. Master of Science in Exercise Science
  3. Master of Science in Genomics and Precision Medicine
  4. Ph.D. in Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  5. Ph.D. in Genomics and Precision Medicine

College of Public Policy

  1. Master of Public Policy

Note: All courses  are lifted from the official site of Hamad Bin Khalifa university.

Eligibility Criteria of HBKU Fully Funded Scholarship.

Below are the eligibility criteria for the scholarship. Before starting your application make sure you meet all the required criterias for HBKU Scholarship. 

  1. Must be an international student or Qatar National.
  2. Must have completed secondary for Bachelors degree applicants.
  3. Must have completed a Bachelor degree for Masters degree applicants.
  4. Must have completed a Master degree for PhD  degree applicants.


Required Documents For HBKU Scholarship

The following are all the required documents needed for this scholarship. We would also suggest you ensure to get them ready before you begin your application.

  1. IELTS test is required (5.5 Minimum score or even more).
  2. A letter of recommendation from your former supervisor or lecturer.
  3. Well written resume (CV)
  4. Statement of purpose (ensure that it is properly written)
  5. Valid passport
  6. Academic certificate and Transcripts (Attestation not needed at this stage).
  7. Passport photo 
  8. Application fee is not needed (it’s free of charge).

How to for Hamad Bin Khalifa university Fully Funded Scholarship.

To apply for this scholarship visit the  official sites of the University.

Visit here to apply for HBKU Scholarship – APPLY FOR HAMAD BIN KHALIFA SCHOLARSHIP  


There are good reasons why you should apply for this scholarship and study in Doha, Qatar. Ensure to begin your application early so that you can increase your chances of obtaining the scholarship.

We are glad you visited our blog today, and you mean a lot to us. 



Do I need IELTS to apply for Hamed Bin Khalifa university Scholarship?

Yes, but there are exceptions, if you graduate  or did your previous degree in an English speaking Institution, you don’t need any Proof of IELTS. However you will need to collect proof of English proficiency from your institution.

Is Hamad Bin Khalifa Fully Funded Scholarships for Muslim?

Yes, the scholarship is open to both Muslim and Christian students as long as you meet all the eligible criterias.

Who can apply for the HBKU Fully funded Scholarship?

The scholarship is available for both Qatar Nationals and International Students.


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