Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship 2023

Taco Bell has announced its yearly scholarship program for 2023. The scholarship is worth more than $3 million. Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship is available to only 155 students. This Scholarship is available to students in both high school and college. Student employees at Taco Bell fast-food are also eligible for this scholarship. About 55 $10,000 Scholarships are given to Taco Bell Employees.

Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship 2023
Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship 2023

About Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship 

Taco Bell is the world’s leading Mexican-inspired fast food chain that prides itself on uncompromising quality and flavor. Taco Bell has over 7,000 restaurants around the world, they have become a household name. But Taco Bell has more to offer than  delicious tacos and burritos. They believe in helping young students achieve their dreams, which is why they created the Taco Bell Live Mãs Scholarship.

The Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship is a program designed to help students achieve their educational goals through financial assistance. It was founded in 2015 to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Taco Bell Foundation and has since helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams.

The scholarship was created because Taco Bell believes in investing in the future of his community and the world at large. Taco Bell understands that many young people have dreams but do not have enough resources to make them come true. That’s why the Taco Bell Live Mãs Scholarship was born to help bridge the gap between aspirations and reality.

According to the Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship Program, has over four types of scholarships which includes:

  • REACH Scholarship
  • Live Mas Scholarship
  • Taco Bell Foundation Scholarship Program
  • Dr. Pepper Tuition Competition

These scholarships are available to high school students, college students, and graduate students who meet the eligibility criteria. In addition to  financial support, fellows are provided with mentoring opportunities and other resources to help them succeed in their chosen field.

Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship overview.

Name: Taco Bell scholarship/Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship.

Available To: High juniors through Graduate students.

How many years: 5 years.

Award: $5,000 to $25,000.

Application closing Date: 17/11/2023

Eligible Country:  United States of America.

Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship Eligibility Criterias. 

Below is a list of all the eligibility criteria that applicants must meet to be considered for the scholarship:

  1. Live Más Spirit – You must embody your Live Más Spirit by pursuing your unique passions and demonstrating how you pursue your dreams and aspirations.
  1. Age – Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 24 and reside in the United States. 
  1. Academic achievement – ​​Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  1. Registration Status – You must be a high school  or graduate student or an undergraduate student.
  1. Demonstrate financial need – Applicants must be able to demonstrate  significant financial need.
  1. Citizenship/Immigration Status – Applicants must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or hold a valid student visa.
  1. Passion for the Brand – You must express your passion for Taco Bell and how you are inspired by our brand. 
  1. Community Involvement – We encourage candidates to demonstrate their active involvement in the community and how they have had a positive impact on those around them.
  1. Achievement outside  the classroom – We want to know how our candidates excelled outside of the classroom. This includes personal achievements such as sports, music, art, writing, or any other achievement. 
  1. Personal Character and Excellence – Applicants must demonstrate exceptional character, a positive attitude and a commitment to personal excellence.

Documents Required for Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship 

Applicants are requested to submit the below documents before completing the application process.

  1. Personal information: Applicants must provide their name, address, phone number and email address.
  2. Educational information: Applicants must provide  high school or college transcripts to substantiate their enrollment and academic records.
  3. Community involvement: Applicants must provide documentation demonstrating community involvement, such as volunteer work, leadership roles, awards and recognitions.
  4. Financial information: Applicants must provide documentation demonstrating financial need, such as tax returns, proof of income, and household financial information.
  5. Job information: Applicants must provide proof of employment if  currently employed, such as  pay stubs, employment letters, or  tax returns showing their income.
  6. Essay: Applicants must submit a 500-word essay explaining their educational and career goals, their passion for the restaurant industry, and how the scholarship will help them achieve their goals.
  7. Letter of introduction: Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from an academic advisor, employer, or community leader who can attest to the applicant’s character, leadership skills, and potential for success.
  8. Legal documents: Applicants must provide proof of legal residence or citizenship such as a birth certificate, passport or social security card.
  9. Photography: Applicants must submit a recent photo of themselves that will be used for advertising and promotional  purposes if  selected as a fellow.
  10. Consent form: Applicants must sign a consent form allowing Taco Bell to share  personal and educational information with its scholarship partners.

Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship Application Procedure.

Follow this step below to successfully apply for the Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship.

  • Create a Taco Bell account on their website to access the scholarship application.
  • Complete the general information section, including personal information and study information.
  • Explain your passion and how it connects to your future goals in the “Tell us your story” section.
  • Answer three additional essay questions, each 300 words or less.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from an educator, employer, or community member.  
  • Upload any optional supporting documents, such as a resume or transcript.
  • Review and submit  application before  November 17, 2023.
  • Applicants can also opt for additional scholarship opportunities and Taco Bell programs.

Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship Application Link 

If you are interested to apply for this Scholarship visit the Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship website through here – APPLY FOR TACO BELL LIVE MÁS SCHOLARSHIP 2023.

How to Ace The Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship 

Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship is a competitive one, to make your application stand out you have to put extra effort, so below are some things you can do in order to stand out from the crowd.


  • Show your passion: The Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship values ​​individual passion and individuality above all else. To win this scholarship, you must demonstrate your unique talent and the enthusiasm that drives it. Whether through a video, an essay, or a social media post, let your passion shine through and capture the attention of the selection committee.


  • Be honest: Finally, to win the Taco Bell Live Mãs scholarship, show your true personality and values. This scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate Taco Bell’s philosophy of collaboration, innovation and inclusion. So, be authentic in your application and highlight how you can help make the world a better place. Remember, the Scholarship Committee is looking for future leaders who align with Taco Bell’s mission, so be honest and  true to yourself.

Final Thought on Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship.

In summary, Taco Bell Live Màs scholarship is one of the generous scholarships available to US students. To win this Scholarship, Applicant Must show his or her love for Taco Bell brands and also be ready to work with the scholarship committee throughout the scholarship process.

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